Bigstock_ 23105315 - Mesa Arch SunriseThis church was created for YOU!
You belong here before you believe
You belong here before you behave
You belong here among friends
YOU BELONG at 970 Church!

At we love God and love people. We are passionate about introducing people to Jesus and inviting them to live as his disciples. We love to introduce them to the non-religious message of Jesus and invite them to a radical way of living out one’s faith.

We live in a valley where a large percentage of the young adults (20 and 30 somethings) have checked out of church or know nothing of the Christian faith. We live in a valley where 42 percent of the population aren’t involved in any church and 23 percent have decreased their involvement with their faith in the last 10 years and simply don’t see the traditional, institutional church as relevant or valuable to their lives. We intend to reach out to these neighbors and offer genuine friendship, compassionate service and the Good News of Jesus.

Many have have remarked that 970 Church is different than most of the other churches they’ve been a part of or have visited. A lot of it has to do with what we value. We believe every church needs to operate according to the Scripture and follow the Spirit’s unique leading for them. Here are a few things that are part of 970 Church’s unique DNA:

  • We value God’s presence over our performance.
  • We value seeking God over impressing people.
  • We value what God can do over what we can do.
  • We are more concerned with offending God than offending the world.
  • We refuse to trade truth for relevance.
  • We love the lost and the disillusioned more than the way we do church.
  • We focus on growing passionate, surrendered followers of Christ rather than creating more casual, carnal, cultural Christians.
    • We commission people to live as Jesus lived in the midst of their world as an ambassador of the Kingdom rather than asking them to retreat into a Christian safe house.
    • We engage our faith community in active service with an emphasis on developing meaningful relationships.
    • We instill a compelling call to live for something larger than oneself as a disciple of Jesus.
    • We facilitate personal spiritual development within the context of Biblical community. is affiliated with the Rocky Mountain District of the General Council of the Assemblies of God USA.


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