Strategic Partnerships

group holding handsStrategic Sponsors:

There is no way that could be launched without the leadership, coaching and support of our sponsors.  These organizations have sacrificed in many ways to make this church plant possible.  There are leaders from these organizations that make up our Leadership Team and will serve in that capacity until we meet the requirements of a General Council affiliated church and have the necessary leadership in place. Click on the links below to learn more about our sponsors.


    • Don Steiger, District Superintendent
    • Randy Popineau, District Secretary / Treasurer
    • Travis Lowell, District Presbyter, Northwest Section


Christian Life Fellowship (CLF) is an Assemblies of God church located in central Wisconsin. They have been a strong supporter of US and foreign missionaries and missions projects all over the world since their beginning. The CLF Missions Board is sending monthly support for the launch and establishment of

    • Dean Anderson, Senior Pastor
    • Paul Liebherr, Campus Pastor and Missions Director

Eagles Nest Ministries

Eagle’s Nest Ministries offers Biblically-based professional counseling to ministers and their families. Eagle’s Nest also offers counseling to individuals, couples and families referred by local churches. From the moment John and Kay began in ministry, they recognized the need for resources, consultation and counseling support for those in ministry.

    • John Gowins, Church Planting Coach

Ministry Partnerships: will actively seek to create ministry partnerships with those who  share our vision and passion for the Mission of God. Relationships will be established with like-minded ministry partners that are already successfully addressing a segment of the vision and ministry objectives of We intend to cooperate and support these ministries, non-profits and other agencies with finances, resources and  volunteer help rather than duplicate their ministry/service. Click on the links below to learn more about a particular ministry partner.

Hope of the Grand Valley

HopeOfGVTheir focus is on the working poor or underemployed. These families work tirelessly to make ends meet. But, when a crisis strikes or they’re hit with an unexpected expense they often come up short. Hope of the Grand Valley strives to share hope and deliver a hand up, not a handout.

Vickie McGee, Director
PO Box 532, Fruita, CO 81521


Camp Hope

CampHopeCamp Hope was started at an old Kiwanis camp located on the Grand Mesa just East of Grand Junction Colorado. Tucked high into the side of the mountain at 8600 ft, Camp Hope began with the idea of bringing kids to camp for free. Our mission was and still is to share the Love of Jesus with these kids and through God’s Grace and Mercy, help them to develop new life skills to give them a chance to rise above the poverty mentality that they and their families have been cursed with for generations. Over the past 5 years though, we have realized that it doesn’t matter where you live or what your socio-economic situation is, pain and hopelessness knows no boundaries. There are so many hurting children out there with no hope and nowhere to find it. Abuse, addiction, rejection and loss are just some of the issues that every child deals with on a daily basis.

Camp Hope includes ten buildings including a main dining hall lodge, a dormitory style lodge, two additional small cabins, a manager’s cabin, a craft building, a camp store and a maintenance shed. The camp also has a fully operational pool available on site. Typically the camp will house up to 60 campers at a time plus staff. The Camp is surrounded by thousands of acres of forest service property with a hiking trails for day hikes.

Camp Hope, 5097 Old Grand Mesa Road, Mesa, CO 81643


Some of those with whom we partner are sent from our fellowship to serve in mission organizations, churches and parachurch organizations. Others are leaders indigenous to particular countries and cultures who possess not only the gifts and skills necessary for leadership, but who also have immediate access to cultures and languages not readily accessible to us. Click on the links below to learn more about a particular ministry partner.



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