Discerning the Call of God – Part 1

What is God’s call on my life? Most Christians have wrestled with that question and some of us multiple times. Many get frustrated and simply give up thinking it is not possible to know the mind of God. A few turn it into a mystical quest and others think they can verbally strong-arm God making him reveal it by saying the “right things.”

burning-bushPart of our problem is that God doesn’t always communicate it to us in a way we want or expect it. How often have we longed for a burning bush encounter, handwriting on the wall, a booming Redd Foxx voice from heaven saying, “do this you dummy,” or even the NCIS Agent Gibbs slap on the back of the head. But we fail to imagine how a loving, self-revealing God might speak to us. It’s not that God is withholding it or has not communicated his call and the purpose for our lives. It’s just that he has primarily written it in His Word and within us. So instead of bombarding heaven with questions, we should begin the journey by looking inward and asking ourselves, “What was God up to when he created me?” Inventory and introspection is where this journey begins and will be the subject of the next post.

This is one of the most important spiritual exercises once one become a follower of Jesus. The answer creates context, purpose and meaning to life and ministry. I invite you to join me in this series of articles as we discover how to discern the call of God on our lives.

  • Part 2 – Know Yourself
  • Part 3 – Know Your Heart
  • Part 4 – Know God’s Heart
  • Part 5 – Discerning the Call of God



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