GOD is for …

Many in our culture, who might even believe that there is a God, think that he is distant, uncaring, a cosmic killjoy or just waiting for them to mess up so he can punish them. Starting Sunday, September 10th, we’ll devote 6 weeks in a sermon series that just touches the truth of all the things that God is for. Come and learn the truth about God and how he feels about you, your life and those around you.

This would be a great series to invite questioning friends and co-workers, those that are beaten down with life and even those that think they have messed up too many times.

  • Sept 10 – God is for You
  • Sept 17 – God is for Others
  • Sept 24 – God is for Life & Health
  • Oct 01  –  God is for Our Community
  • Oct 08  – God is for Us (the church)
  • Oct 15   – God is for Action


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