2013-05-06 19.52.02We have joined an exciting new national network (MeetTheNeed) that connects church members with opportunities to help local families in need and to serve local ministries needing resources and volunteers. This initiative will be an important part of our outreach and compassion ministries going forward.  We want to make a real impact here in Grand Valley and this is going to help us bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to people in tangible ways throughout our community. Think about how God has gifted and resourced you to serve others, click the link below to register as part of NineSevenZero Churchand use the links on the bottom of the page to search for local ministries and families that have needs in our community.


There is so much need out there and so many of you have a heart to help but where do you start? How do you get connected? It’s more than just writing a check, it’s also about actually serving those in need and joining with other like minded people to support the para-church ministries, local charities and community service organizations in our local communities. Click the buttons below to search the database and find ways that you can demonstrate the love of God, serve our neighbors, serve in our church or invest in world-wide missions.

Church Service Needs        Our Family Needs

Our Missionary Needs        Our Community Needs


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