The Gospel of Mark – Chronicles of a Disciple

Mark-series-graphicWe’ve just completed a hard hitting, in-your-face study of the Book of James. Now we’ll shift our attention to the journals of a man who knew the disciples as a boy and journeyed as a young man with Barnabas and Paul. We’ll spend the rest of the summer studying the chronicles of a disciple, John Mark, and what is probably the first written of the Gospels. His book is fast moving and has the feel of a news report (just the facts please). But there is much to be gleaned from these carefully reported events as we find John Mark’s insight into what it means to be be a follower of Christ and wrestle with the ultimate question, “Who is Jesus?”

6/28       Who is this man? (Mark 1:1 – 2:12 )
7/05       The Band of Brothers (Mark 2:13 – 3:35)
7/12       The Soil, the Seed and the Sower (Mark 4:1-34)
7/19       Miracles – Evidence and Encouragement (Mark 4:35 – 6:6)
7/26       Faith – the essential ingredient ( Mark 6:7 – 6:56)
8/02       Miracles that teach(Mark 7:1 – 8:26)
8/09       The Cost of Following Jesus (Mark 8:27 – 9:29 )
8/16       The Marks of a Follower of Jesus (Mark 9:30 -10:31)
8/23       The Fruit of a Follower of Jesus (Mark 10:32 – 11:26)
8/30       The Mandates of Following Jesus (Mark 11:27 – 13:37)
9/06       Jesus is the Model – Faithfulness and Sacrifice (Mark 14:26 – 15:47)
9/13       The Hope and Mission of the Follower of Jesus (Mark 16:1 – 20)


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