Prayer Partner Update – 8/22/2013

Sorry it’s been a while. I started several times to do this update but some things have been in a state of flux and I was a little unsure to even know how to ask you to pray. We are very excited that our district presbyters approved our church planting application at their July meeting. This month it seems that some realignments in our secular employments were necessary.

We’re so grateful for your intercession on our behalf. We absolutely know that we can not do this in our own strength and that we are dependant on your faith-full prayers. THANK YOU! Please pray as the Spirit guides you but we would also appreciate you lifting the following needs up in prayer this week:

Friends and Co-Workers of Team Members:

  • Team members are finding lots of opportunity to connect with non-Christian co-workers. Spiritual conversations are increasing as we are becoming known to those around us.
    • Craig – young man who returned to town to care for his dying mother. Asking questions about life after death.
  • Healing:
    • Josh – young man with Crohn’s.
    • Merryanne – young lady dealing with panic attacks.
    • Hunter – premee (less than 3 lbs at birth) doing well and breathing on his own now.
  • Area pastors:
    • Pastor Rex Townsley, Stillwater Cowboy Church, chemotherapy treatments
    • Pastor Paul Watson, Downtown Vineyard Church, looking for property to build/remodel, currently meeting at the convention center
    • Pastor Paris Wallace, Connection Church, their church just purchased the former Grand Junction First Assembly building. They are dreaming of expanding their service ministries to the poor and homeless.
    • Pastor Ronnie Higuera, church planter in Palisade, CO

NineSevenZero Church:

  • Funds for Launch Team to attend church planter bootcamp (Essentials training) September, 2013 in Pittsburg (travel, lodging and meals). We got time off from our employers and booked the bootcamp and the flights. All of the guys are going (Jon, Nathan and Steve). We are really looking forward to it and the time together.
  • A work schedule for Steve that will allow him to start a Celebrate Recovery support group this fall.
  • For God to send workers to join our planting & launch teams (Matt 9:37-38). These folks might be residents of the Grand Valley or Kingdom minded folks that would relocate here to help us launch the church.
  • Worship Leader – a true and skilled worshipper who will train and build teams. Humble in heart with a teachable spirit and that fits the chemistry of our team and the vision of the church.
  • Co-leader(s) for the Celebrate Recovery support group
  • Ministry leaders and faithful/dedicated servants who will labor with us and support the launch of NineSevenZero Church

Team – Personal Needs:

  • God has been answering our prayers and meeting our needs. Please pray for continued provision, protection and God’s favor.
  • Jon has been promoted to the Fitness Director at Gold’s Gym in Clifton. He is having to work a lot learning the new job while transitioning some of his clients to other trainers. Jon also is in the process of hiring new trainers. Pray that God will direct the right people to him.
  • Kate is still settling into her new position at Colorado West Mental Health. She is enjoying the company and the work.
  • Amanda has been hired as a trainer at Gold’s and will be working with Jon. She will be starting next week.
  • Nathan is doing well at Sleep Number. Pray that he makes his sales goal this month. He is currently ahead of plan.
  • Steve was promoted to supervisor but is having to move back to 2nd shift. He has been working long hours learning the job and helping launch a new line of business for his employer.

 NineSevenZero Church Planting Team Members:

  • Steve & Sue Peschke
  • Jon & Kate Drackett (Jackson, son)
  • Nathan & Amanda Haws


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